Who are we and why should you care? 

Good question. We're merchants. We're marketers. We're OBSESSED with online stores and how they interact with their visitors.  How obsessed?

  • We sign up for email lists for fun to see what their flows are like.  
  • Every time we see a brand in a shop that we don't know, we google it and go to the site and critique the mobile experience
  • When an order arrives at our doorstep, we gather around to document the unboxing experience

We love great brand experiences and we love helping businesses achieve those experiences.  Take care of that and everything else takes care of itself (well, not really everything, but you'll start to see a strong brand following with recurring sales).

As merchants, we've grown 7-figure online businesses and understand what it's like to be in your shoes.  Want to get a free 30-minute consultation on your online store? Fill out this form and contact us.