eComm Diaries: Checking Your Sales Won't Make People Buy

ThieComm Diaries is a series of short posts about a day in the life of a Merchant (eCommerce Manager).  The wins, the losses, the ups, the downs, and the lessons learned along the way.


You've just launched your online store, everything looks great.  Your email capture is up and running, the welcome flows, the abandoned carts.  You have a prospecting campaign to get eyeballs to the site.  You're feeling good.  

An order comes in! This is the best part, that first order. It works! Such a relief. 

Then you find yourself, checking your phone periodically to see if there's been any more sales. It becomes almost obsessive.  Have you been in this situation?

I have.  When there's a lull period, you start to panic a bit.  Is something wrong with the ads? Do I need to change the copy on the landing page? What if I give a discount.

Not healthy (and bad for business).

This can take a toll on your mental health.  Your mood swings with the sales cycle.  However, I learned that this behaviour is based on very short term thinking.  Sure, there's pressure to bring in sales in the near future.  But you may not have a sound plan then (or any plan at all).  You should be in this for the long run.  Think through and strategize.  Execute with excellence. 

If you've done that, the score should eventually take care of itself. No need for short term panic. Stick to the strategy and adjust periodically (unless there is a catastrophe and you really need to change things).



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