Added To Cart, No/Low Conversions

Good news, you have visitors coming to your site.  They like what they see and added products to the car.  However, they are not checking out and turning into customers.  What could be the issue?

You think about doing A/B testing and trying different copy, colors, buttons, animations.


There could be a wide range of reasons of why your visitors are abandoning their carts.   If you're reading this, most like you are a small ecommerce company.  You may be doing this while working full-time.  You may be a one-person show.  The fact is that you have a limited number of hours during the day and a lot of different things you can be focussing on to grow your business.

Good news.  You don't have to guess.  A simple and effective way to uncover deep insights and increase your conversions is simply to...


If you're still a new store owner (less than a year) and are seeing more cart abandonments than you'd like, reach out to those who have left products in their cart and ask why. Make each message human, sincere and personal.  What you'll find is that those who respond are more than happy to help. Here's an example of a reach out:

SUBJECT:  We Need Your Advice
Hi Jane, 
Thank you for visiting  We're still fairly new and would love to get your advice on how we can make your experience better.  We see that you left some items in your cart.  Was stopped you from checking out? Was there something that we could improve on during the checkout process?
We look forward to hearing from you.
Store Owner Name


You can customize is it to your own style and based on your relationships with your customer.  The key is to build a relationship, don't be quick to make assumptions, and involve your visitors to help them become lifelong customers.

If you use this tactic, we would love to hear your results, send us a note through the contact us page.

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